Obligatory Introductory Post

After writing Knitting vs. Crocheting, I thought to myself that it’s quite obvious what the solution to world peace is. Nope, it’s not more beauty pageants. The solution is… *drum roll*… more crafting blogs! So being a concerned citizen of the world, I decided to make my contribution to world peace by setting up yet another blog that I will update only sporadically. Or when I’m drunk.

Ok, that was crap. The real and only reason I set up this blog was so I could have a place to use those pretty percentage bars that I kept seeing on other craft blogs. Of course, I could have just used my main blog for that but what would I keep track of there? Percentage of the world population that I’ve told knock knock jokes to? Number of bottles of Bling H2o I’ve consumed (none)? My plans for world domination? Nah. Anyway, that was till I realised installation of the oh-so-deceptively-simple-looking-bars involved the use of Teh Scary HTML. So for the moment you won’t be seeing any bars for a while, not till I get myself re-acquainted with that fine piece of Scottish ass, Mr. Chivas, and feel brave enough to tackle Teh Scary HTML.

In any case, even if I’ve no exciting crafty tales to share, I can always use this spot to catalogue the number of times I poke myself in the belly button with my knitting needles. That’s always exciting.

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