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Now that I’m such an accomplished crocheter (I made a bag!), it’s time to work on my knitting. I found out that the secret to not getting stabbed in the tummy by those long, straight knitting needles was to knit with circular needles instead. I had read on one of the websites that it’s possible to knit flat with circulars (I wasn’t ready to learn knitting in the round yet) and remembered that I had a pair of 80cm 4mm circulars which I bought a while back. The problem I had with straights was that I found them too long and difficult to balance. Moreover, I love to knit (and crochet) while leaning on the arm of the sofa so the long needles always got in the way. Anyhow, I decided to try with the circulars instead. My goodness, circular needles are definitely the best thing since sliced bread! Well, 80cm was kinda long for what I was doing and it kept doing twisty things, so it was… SHOPPING TIME!

So far, I’ve been practising on cheap acrylic yarn and I decided to try wool instead. I ended up picking up 12 balls of some generic supermachinewash wool carried by Spotlight and a pair of 40cm 4mm circs. I thought the wool I picked up was 8-ply (DK weight) since this particular weight of yarn is more common around these parts, but now I’m not so sure. It seems more worsted weight like. Can any of the yarn gurus check out the information below and confirm?

Brand: Spotlight Basics
Yarn name: Delight
Composition: 100% supermachinewash wool
Grams: 50g
Care Instructions/Washing: Cool gentle machine wash. Dry flat. Dry cleanable. Do not iron. Do not bleach.
Meterage per ball: Approx. 90m
Needle size: 4mm
Tension: 22 stitches x 30 rows (10cm x 10 cm sq)

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10 thoughts on “Yarn and Needles

  1. Hi Lis,

    Tks for the comment on my first pair of socks.

    I bot this type of yarns too, for knitted toys only. I think u wont like it or feel comfy to wear it.

    Circular needle is much fun than straight needle. I tends to “drop” down my dpn while knitting the socks.

    Happy Knitting.

  2. Yeah, the yarn isn’t very soft and I hate the smell but I think it’s ok just to practise knitting scarves and hats.

    Heh, your DPNs kept going “kliang” right? I’ll probably be a disaster when I start with mine. I’ve butter fingers!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love your bag in the post before great job. I was reading that you taking on the hobby knitting and crocheting. Haven’t yet to get to knitting but, hoping one day I can. My friends say I already have to many hobbies now lol. Good luck on all your future projects. :)

  4. Ooh,pink and brown make such a pretty combination. The tension, 22 st/10cm, is definitely DK weight. It’s my favorite weight yarn, but around here (the U.S.), they’re much less common than worsted weight.

  5. lesalicious, thanks! I love my bag too! :D Hope you pick up knitting some day then we can have KAL at the ville too (check out the beginner knitters special interest usergroups)!

  6. Rina, I have just the opposite problem. I love lots of the US patterns I’ve seen but most of them call for worsted weight yarn which isn’t that common around here!

  7. How come din c any sock in-progress ? How is the “growth” ?

    Ya, my family misses the “kliang” “kliang” eoching…..

  8. I’m still too new to start sock knitting. I looked at the Lion Brand instructions (the one you did, the magic stripes socks) and I didn’t know what it’s talking about. I bought this yarn to try on a scarf and hats. Already started on the scarf so will post an update soon.

  9. The Spotlight yarn that you purchased is a DK weight yarn. I have used it for baby garments, and the patterns really pop out. I love it and use it all the time for kids knits. The colors are fantastic and I dont think it is too scratchy either. Our Spotlight store seems to sell out of it so quickly too, and I am sure half my wardrobe is filled with this yarn now. I hope you find some nice pattern to knit it into too.

  10. Sue, it doesn’t feel too scratchy but I hope washing it will soften it further.

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