Maple Leaf vs. Frost

I’m in a dilemma. I want to start crocheting the one skein scarf from Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker but I can’t decide which colour should I make it in. The yarn is Knit Picks‘s Merino Style which I’ve been told is really soft. It does feel pretty squishy. So I appeal to you, my fellow crafty friends, to help me make this important decision. Maple leaf or frost?

Knit Picks - Merino Style - Maple Leaf Knit Picks - Merino Style - Frost

PS: I know the obvious solution is to make two scarves but let’s just pretend for the moment that I can only make one, mmmkay?

Edit (17 Jul 07): You know how sometimes you’ll like to change your hairstyle and there’re all these software out there that can show you what you’ll look like with the new hairstyle before you take the plunge? Well, Bimmy from FrogBlogDogLog (a really cute educational blog for children) has kindly done the same for my scarf dilemma. So which one looks better on me?

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8 thoughts on “Maple Leaf vs. Frost

  1. Hmmm, in such a tricky situation I would want to know what I was going to be wearing this scarf WITH, or perhaps more importantly, WHERE TO??
    What do you want this scarf to SAY??
    Frost is more approachable, Maple Leaf is more….hard edge.
    How much does THAT help??

  2. Actually, with that orange top and blue skirt I would DEFINITELY go with Frotst – assuming that’s the blue :)
    I can email you the proof is you want to see it for yourself?
    Contact us at the frogblogdoglog if you like

  3. Bimmy, I’ll love to see the proof. Check your shoutbox at BlogCatalog. :)

  4. I’m making the same scarf! Isn’t it a great pattern? I’m only doing two rows of dc, though, because my girls like thin scarves.

    Anyhoo, I think the teal would be awesome and then, on each end, make a big red flower. Those two colors together will be so awesome! Or flip it: Make the scarf red with teal flowers on the ends.

    Have fun with it!

  5. Leslie, I thought the 2 colours go really well together too. I’m torn between making the scarf and a stripey hat. Well, I can always buy more yarn. I love the flower idea! :)

  6. Stripey hats are good!
    Do you have this much trouble choosing ALL your yarn??
    have fun!

  7. Another vote for using both colors. Love them equally as well.

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