Shimmer Chevron Scarf

The Shimmer Chevron Scarf was the very first project I started when I first picked up knitting. Ha! That sounded like something that happened when dinosaurs roamed the earth but was actually just a couple weeks back. Having a short attention span meant that I got bored after… OOH SHINY! Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, I got bored after 10 inches of the scarf and started on Cricket’s Technicolor Techno-Cozy which turned out to be the type of seaming disaster that only I am capable of. Also, the wool I used for the scarf? Didn’t smell like flowers and candy. I hated it. Anyway, I will finish it. Some day.


The colours of the scarf remind me of ice-cream which explains why I often have the munchies while I was working on it. Also, the next time I work on a scarf, I’m choosing a pattern that’s reversible, i.e. both sides are fit to be seen.

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