SnB: Violet Beauregard Update

I thought I’ll do a little update on the Violet Beauregard I started two weeks ago. I’ve actually completed the first colour change for the scalloped border but as I’ve mentioned in my failed Sweet Pea Shawl post, I suck at crocheting shells so I frogged the border and tried again. I tightened my tension and the shells looked a lot better now (but my hand hurts!). Now I’ve another problem. I’m beginning to think the gaps between stitches are kind of big. Take a look at the picture below and see if you have the same thought. My underoos will probably show through the skirt when I’m wearing it! I’m not averse to frogging (for crocheting anyway, knitting is another different story) so I’m wondering if I should just frog the entire thing and start again with a smaller hook.


Violet Beauregard

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8 thoughts on “SnB: Violet Beauregard Update

  1. Hi Lis,
    I think your beauregard looks great, but I have to agree with you, I think the holes are too big. The only thing I can think of is….I am assuming here you are using your knit picks Shine sport yarn (am I right?) and that is made out of 60 % of Pima cotton and 40% of modal. The maerial in the Happy Hooker book is made with 100% cotton. Did you swatch? I think you are right again and frog it and use a smaller hook :( Look at it as good practice. But, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in it after all that work. The shells look good too. I had the same exact problem with the sweeet pea shawl.

  2. Well I’m lazy, so I personally would leave the skirt as-is and wear a coordinating mini skirt underneath! I bet you could even find an easy sewing pattern and make one–it wouldn’t have to be perfect, since it would just be going under the crochet one.

    Okay, I have to ask–what kind of camera do you have? Your pictures are always so awesome! Is it a Nikon?

  3. Gina, nope I didn’t swatch but I managed to be on target though. If I use a smaller hook, I might have to change the number of stitches or make it in a larger size.

    Selena, I hate sewing even more than frogging so I’ll probably frog it. Heh. I’m using a Canon DSLR. :)

  4. I’m lazy about frogging too. How about you wear a slip under that you can die purple… no sewing? (although I probably couldn’t figure out where to buy a slip myself…). Great blog – especially the pics.

  5. hi, i just started this skirt! i’m using a different yarn, one that is a little heavier. basically, i’m making a sweater for my butt! that being said, i plan to wear a pretty slip or petticoat-like skirt underneath it. i find that crocheting the stitches too tight would make a stiff skirt.

  6. Jen, you’ve a point! The yarn I’m using is pretty drapey though. I’ll probably give it a go with a smaller hook for a few rounds and see how it goes.

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