SnB: Violet Beauregard

I’m beginning to recall what I bought all those Knit Picks yarn for. One of the projects I had in mind was Happy Hooker’s Violet Beauregard skirt. I had some trouble with the first increase round. Basically, I’m pattern-challenged and had an extra dc in my row and couldn’t figure out why. Thank goodness the good folks at Crochetville came to the rescue. I’m a really slow crocheter (and knitter) so I’ve only done about 8 rounds so far. I bet if turtles can crochet they’ll be faster than me. It’s ok, I like it that way. Slow and steady. Or at least that’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself. :D

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4 thoughts on “SnB: Violet Beauregard

  1. Thanks. It’s supposed to be more purple but it looks really blue on my screen.

  2. How’s the skirt coming along? I was thinking of trying that out myself but I’m so afraid to do clothing in case it doesn’t fit. I HATE swatching with a passion! Pretty color yarn also! Purple is my favorite color………..

  3. To tell you the truth, I HATE swatching too so I didn’t swatch. I’ll rather frog than swatch. Heh. I’ve been trying the skirt on as I crochet and so far it fits. Phew. I love the colours of the skirt as it was in the book so I stuck with the same colours. It’s turning out great but I think the recommended 9″ for the dc portion before the scalloped border is a little too short. It barely covered my butt!

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