Palindrome Scarf

After frogging the short-lived Sweet Pea Shawl, I stuffed the yarn into a basket and left it there to languish forgotten. Well, not for long anyway. I took it out to start on the Irish Hiking Scarf and realised that the yarn was in one big tangled mess. I spent half a day untangling it and then winding it by hand into a centre pull ball with the how to wind a center pull ball tutorial by Bird’s Nest Knits. I sure wish I’ve a ball winder!


My one tiny gripe with the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern was that it wasn’t reversible so when I chanced upon Silver’s Palindrome Scarf (a reversible cable scarf), I cast on right away. There’s even a matching Palindrome Hat which I plan on making, of course.


Palindrome Scarf

I’m a terribly slow knitter so I’ve only made a few repeats so far. This is also my first cable project and I think it shows. The cables look exceptionally bad in cotton since cotton is supposed to show stitches (and mistakes!) really clearly, I think. Oh well, I didn’t know what to do with the yarn and it’s good practice anyway.

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6 thoughts on “Palindrome Scarf

  1. How come your photo always so nice taken ??
    I enjoy reading your blog and photo too..
    Keep it up~

  2. Haha thanks! My photos sucked a lot worse when I was using my phone to take them. A real camera makes a big difference!

  3. yes… i love your photos, too!
    Don’t worry about the cables.. they look great for your first attempt ;)

  4. I love the scarf pattern and will definately have to knit one up for myself. Yours is looking lovely.

  5. Thanks, Sue. This is a great pattern! I plan to make one with wool yarn some day. I think the cables will look better.

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