Silver’s Sock Class

I started on my first pair of socks using Silver’s Sock Class tutorial and have since completed my first sock! The tutorial was extremely well written and easy to follow so I had no problems at all. I did have a couple mistakes here and there but nothing too obvious. I used 3.25mm DPNs but I think I should have used smaller needles. The ribbed cuff was too loose for me (I’ve skinny ankles). Since I still have plenty of yarn left (I prefer ankle socks and I’ve tiny feet), I’ll probably knit a completely new pair with smaller needles. I think I’ll really prefer shorter DPNs too instead of the 20cm ones I was using (they kept poking me).


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11 thoughts on “Silver’s Sock Class

  1. What are you knitting your Jaywalkers from? I find the magic stripes sock yarn too hot to wear here.

  2. Thanks for the link!! I’ve always wanted to make socks but all the other patterns that I’ve found look so complicated!

  3. Congratulations on your first sock! I’m always so happy to see my tutorial being put to good use! :)

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