Palindrome Scarf Update

Previously, I started the Palindrome scarf with Knit PicksShine Worsted. I’ve since changed my mind and plan to use the Shine Worsted for another project. I was still keen on knitting the scarf so I used the Spotlight Basics Delight yarn I had lying around since I still had 4 balls of it. So far, I’ve done 15 repeats and have almost used up 1 ball. 4 balls of the yarn should knit me a scarf about 60″. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to block the scarf when I’m done? Eh, we’ll see how it goes.


Palindrome Scarf

Also, I bought Charmed Knits the other day and kind of regretted it. Even though I’m a Harry Potter fan, there wasn’t much in it that appealed to me.

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11 thoughts on “Palindrome Scarf Update

  1. I meant to ask you…are you using a Wacom to sign your photos? What camera and software do you use, your photos are always so lovely!

  2. Hee Selena, I’ll got on it soon.

    Becka, thanks! I’m using a DSLR to take the pictures, a Canon 10D to be exact. Since the pictures tend to be kind of dark (I don’t get much light in my room), I brighten them a bit in Photoshop CS. The signature is also added in Photoshop with a free font, Valerie, which you can download here. :)

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