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2 days ago, I paid a visit to a local yarn distributor and sustained damage amounting to 12 balls of Olympus cotton novia. I’ve no idea what I’m going to knit or crochet with them.


Brand: Olympus
Yarn: Cotton Novia
Weight: 40g
Yardage: 105m
Fibers: 100% cotton
Needle size: 5-6 (Japanese)
Gauge: 22-24 stitches / 32-34 rows = 4 inches
Machinewash: Yes
Quantity: 6 x colour no. 8 and 6 x colour no. 17

For Singaporeans who are interested in visiting the yarn distributor, here are the contact details:

Ondori Pte Ltd
8 Jln Kilang Timor #01-06 Singapore 159305
(Tel: 6273-9922; Fax: 6278-3828)

Some of the other knitters have done a review of the distributor on the Knitter’s Review forum.

My order from Knit Picks a few weeks ago has also arrived. Unfortunately, I placed my order days before the Harmony set came out. It’s ok, there’s always next time. :D



The damage includes:
1 x Options Nickel Plated Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set
1 x Nickel Plated 6″ Double Pointed Needle Set
2 x Felici (Hummingbird) SOOOO OMG SOFT AND SQUISHY!
1 x Felici (Clay) WHY DID I ONLY ORDER 1 BALL?!
2 x Risata (Grass)
2 x Risata (Burgundy)
1 x Gloss (Woodland Sage)
6 x Shine Sport (Orchid)
3 x Shine Sport (Grass)
2 x Wool of the Andes (Coal)
2 x Wool of the Andes (Tomato)

Right. It’s time for dinner and then off to update Ravelry. :DDDD
Oh yeah, I don’t put up pictures of the individual skeins/hanks here because I don’t know if anyone wants to see it. If you’re interested, you can check out my Ravelry or Flickr pages tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “Stash Enhancement

  1. OMG you bought the KP Options set? Could you please let me know what you think of the set (better than addis?)? I’m considering getting one.

    The yarn looks so delish, I’m drooling here hehehe. Oh…love the cotton novia colours btw ;o)

  2. Hi I’m a newbie in crochet, can I know roughly the price range for the yarn distributor, I have too much damaged done already. Thanks. ;)

  3. Rain, I can’t compare them to addis as I’ve never used addis but OMG they’re so smooth and pointy! The cables are really flexible and the joins are smooth. Although I wish the options came in smaller needle sizes as well.

    Chicchicbaby, I can’t really say because I didn’t look at the entire range of yarn they carry. Although I’ll say they weren’t as cheap as I hope. For example, the 12 balls of yarn I bought cost me almost $160.

    Jackie, yeah I know! Now I don’t know which project to start first!

  4. Lis, you are SO bookmarked. Drooling over the yarn. I have the KnitPicks needle set, too! How is their yarn? I haven’t tried it yet. I am knitting down my stash before I buy anything new.

  5. Luisa, the felici is so darn soft and smooth! A pleasure to knit with for sure! I’m not sure how it’ll hold up after washing though. Risata is a little splitty. Shine is also very smooth and soft for a cotton blend but also splitty. WotA is great for its price but I wouldn’t wear it next to my skin. I heard it’s great for felting.

  6. OMG!!! They are so yummy!!

    Gosh.. I din even know there’s such a warehouse so near my workplace… ==”’

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