Isabeau Purse

I cast on on the Isabeau Purse last week using Sugar’n Cream yarn but only got round to taking a picture of the WIP today. Pretty simple pattern so far and I’ve done some modifications to make it bigger. I’ll talk more about the modifications and my thoughts on the pattern once I’ve completed it. Uhm, hopefully that’ll happen sometime this year given my propensity for completing my knit projects. Heh.


I’ll like to get your thoughts on labelling or tagging stuff on your blog. Most of you have probably noticed I tag using broad categories (e.g. socks, scarves etc.) but I was wondering if it’s probably more helpful to tag by pattern name for easy searching at a glance. However, if I decide to include pattern names in labels, I’ll be re-labelling previous posts and those who’re subscribed to this blog on a reader may be getting lots of updates all of a sudden. So uhm, consider this an advance warning?

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9 thoughts on “Isabeau Purse

  1. You knitting the isabeau purse too. I did the isabeau tote before using rowan all season cotton.

  2. Love that pattern! I may have to try it with scraps once I finish Knitty’s Arietta (I’m doing it in cotton I bought in Paris years ago).

  3. I think it’d be swell if you’d tag with the specific pattern names. Heaven knows it’d be easier when searching for stuff!

    Speaking of which I’ve got to getcategories up (and for the life of me, dunno how to do that either)! LOL!

  4. Going great so far keep up the great work can’t wait to see when it is complete. I also would like to try knitting sometime probably in December or in January. :) all these knitting blogs I find myself going to makes me want to knit. lol:)

  5. Rain, that’s what I thought too. Now I’ll just have to go through my old entries and re-tag them… You’re using Blogger right? You can use the labels to cateogorise your posts.

    Lesa, knitting is fun! Then you can make even more stuff for your adorable babies. :)

    JL, yep, it’s a cute bag. You like bags too right? Why not try this pattern too? :)

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