Knitty – Breeze Socks

I started on Knitty‘s Breeze some time ago with Knit PicksRisata. The pattern is simple enough (minus a few mistakes on my end due to exciting Law & Order: SVU episodes) and I’m almost done with one sock (left with grafting the toes). However, when I tried on the sock, it’s a little too snug for me. So now I’m wondering if Risata will stretch or shrink during wash. That’ll determine if I should frog the sock and make it bigger. I don’t want to make it bigger and then have it stretch out to epic proportions after the wash. I know, I know, do a swatch right?


Knitty - Breeze Socks

I still suck at picking up stitches for the gusset. Check out the hole! Blech! If I don’t re-knit this thing, I’ll have to patch up the holes. Yes, holes. There’s one on each side.

Also, I love, LOVE the colour of the yarn.


One of my favourite things to receive in the mail is post cards. A lovely lady from Minnesota has sent me one for the Random Acts of Kindness going on at Crochetville. Thank you, FGM. :)

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9 thoughts on “Knitty – Breeze Socks

  1. Good Heavens, that’s gorgeous! The colour is so rich. Breeze seems to be the perfect pattern to show off the yarn!

    Good luck with the holes! I had them too till I discovered the poke and knit method = no holes!!

  2. OMG! that color is gorgeous! I totally fell in love. I don’t know anything about the yarn, but if in doubt, knit a swatch and wash it. Then you’ll know.

  3. The lace is so pretty in this gorgeous colour. I also sometimes get the holes too :)

  4. Rain, what’s the poke and knit method?

    Lieke, yeah I’ll probably do that.

    Mira, yes it is. I’m completely in love with the colour.

    Erin, the holes are so annoying!

    JL, I hope so too..

  5. Instead of pick up stitches by inserting your needle in between, just poke your needle through the hole and loop your yarn and bring it up as if you are knitting. I don’t know whether I’m being clear, I’ll try and find some online illustration and alert you =)

  6. OH, how I love Knitty. And those socks. And I second rain’s hint. In fact, I was going to write it here, but she saved me the trouble.

  7. Rain, hmm I think I get what you’re saying. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

    Luisa, yeah I love Knitty too! I’m gonna try Rain’s hint.

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