Razor Cami

Yes, yes, another WIP. I started the Razor Cami during the weekend and have knitted about 8″ so far. It’s a pretty mindless knit so I can zone out in front of the TV and just knit and knit. I used the Russian join when joining a new ball of yarn but it seems a bit lumpy. Maybe I need more practice.

After putting it on waste yarn, I tried it on and it’s a little bit loose and since I’ve read so many knitters’ experience with Knit PicksShine Sport stretching width wise after washing, I’ve decided to frog the entire thing and knit it on smaller needles. Took some pictures before frogging.


Razor Cami

I seem to be frogging more than knitting. At the rate I’m going, I doubt I’ll have a single knitted FO this year! Yay!

PS: I’m having trouble capturing the colour so it may look a tad too pinkish.

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10 thoughts on “Razor Cami

  1. That’s a great pattern! I hate the frogging, but sometimes it has to be done.

  2. Rain, thanks!

    Luisa, I suppose I can see it as more knitting for the price of the yarn!

    JL, haha yeah.

    Lesa, both the cami and sock aren’t knitted in blue yarn. Hmm which one are you seeing in blue?

  3. The colours is sooo gorgeous. Then again, everything you photograph is always gorgeous!

  4. I wish I had any skill in that. Sadly I am stuck to cleaning and repairing old furniture. That looks really good.


  5. This looks so cool and pretty! Love the color also.. Mine’s still stuck at that same position and i seem to lose interest in knitting it… haha… Thinking of frogging the whole thing…

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