Razor Cami Update

Since my first razor cami post, I’ve frogged the entire thing and started from scratch by casting on 132 stitches instead of the original 156. Tried it on after a few inches and it definitely fitted much better than the first try. Knitted to 14″ before dividing for armholes and that’s when disaster struck. Somehow I managed to drop a couple of stitches when dividing and since they were at the yarn overs, I had no idea how to fix them. I did try but after ending up with big loops in a tangled mess, I decided to unknit (tink?) instead. So I ended up unknitting 6 rows. Now I’m still trying to play catch up and reknit those 6 rows. Sigh.


Razor Cami

I haven’t decided if I’m going to knit or crochet the straps but I doubt I’ll knit it in 1×1 rib.


Razor Cami

Hopefully, my next razor cami post will be a FO post!

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7 thoughts on “Razor Cami Update

  1. I think it’ll be worth any headaches it’s given you so far – it’s looking gorgeous. Love the color.

  2. hi lis, can you show the step by step on how to start knitting? and …..i suggest u to put your my blog log tracking at you web….so that people will know u just drop by at their page. it helps a lots! your stitch on knitting & crochet look very perfect!

    • Hey! Glad to know you’re interested in picking up knitting. There’re some excellent videos at Knitting Help which was how I learnt. Do take a look.

      As for the MBL widget, if I put it on this site, it doesn’t let others know that I’ve visited their page, rather, it’s the other way round, i.e., I’ll know who has visited mine.

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