Magknits – Jaywalker

I was determined to have at least one knit FO in 2007 and… I did! I finished my Jaywalker last week! Yay me!

Pattern: Jaywalker
Yarn: 2 x Knit PicksFelici in Hummingbird (I think I might have enough left over for a pair of footies!)
Needles: 2.00mm (Knit Picks Nickel Plated DPN Set)



Before starting on this pattern, I’ve read how lots of knitters had sizing issues and many couldn’t even pull the sock over the heel. I needn’t have worried because my socks came out loose! The one thing I need to remember is that I have skinny legs so if I get gauge, chances are the cuffs will be loose. I guess this pair is going to end up as holiday bed socks.

The yarn is really soft and squishy! I’m a little sensitive to wool but Felici feels great on my toes.

My tension was crappy for both socks so I ended up with one sock slightly longer than the other. I should really pick up the 2-socks-on-circs method so at least both socks will be even. The crappy tension also mean the socks don’t lay flat (when not worn) and pucker all over the place. Eugh.

Also, I still have holes when I pick up stitches for the gusset. The weird thing is I only have a hole on one side of the sock. Well, at least they aren’t humongous like the ones in Breeze. Those looked like they were going to eat me!

Still, it’s my FIRST KNIT FO ever! A pair of socks! w00t!



Edit: Magknits has flounced off in a huff after the drama closed shop. If you’re looking for the pattern, Grumperina (the pattern designer) has offered the pattern as a free pdf download on Ravelry here.

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3 thoughts on “Magknits – Jaywalker

  1. Hehe thanks… no, I’ve yet to weave in the ends. I had to hide them to take the photos. Shhhhhh.

  2. I am extremely impressed you pulled this off so well. My first pair was scary looking but I have improved over the years (slightly) keep practicing you will get to the point where you can do it with your eyes closed. I really like the pattern and think I will give it a go. If I do I will send you a picture. Thanks Lis

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