New Look

I changed this blog’s and my personal blog’s, About Every Little Thing, layouts to the same one. I’ve always preferred the 3-column look so when I found a nice-looking Blogger template, I went ahead with it . Man, I spent the whole of yesterday tweaking both blogs seeing how I had to redo all the widgets all over again. I hope nothing is broken but if something is, please let me know.

In other knitting news, I’m currently working on a pair of Jaywalker. Seeing as how I’ve a serious case of Second Sock Syndrome, I’ve decided I’ll post it on the blog only when I’ve finished both socks. I’m already on the second sock! Hopefully I can post about them by next week!

I’ve also succumbed and subscribed to both Interweave Crochet and Interweave Knits. Spring 2008 will be my first issues. I can’t wait! Thank goodness for the weak US dollar.

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3 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Love the new look of your blog. Can’t wait to see the Jaywalkers when you is done with both. :)

  2. Lesa, thanks dear.

    Hooknneedle, eh I kept having problems after dividing for armholes. After ripping the damn thing a gazillion times, I got tired of it so I started on my Jaywalker. Guess I’ll get back to it after the socks are done. Or not. :P


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