Knitty – Branching Out Completed

My first finished object in 2008! All blocked and with ends weaved in! Yay!

Pattern: Branching Out

Yarn: 1 x Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Bristol Red

Needles: 5.00mm

Measurements: 7 inches wide, 58.5 inches long (after blocking)

I did a total of 27 repeats with a few yards to spare. The pattern was simple to follow but requires some concentration. I had to unknit a few times because I wasn’t paying attention. I also found it impossible to memorise the pattern. Blocking did help to open up the lace a little.

Branching Out pre-blocked:

Knitty - Branching Out (Pre-blocked)

Branching Out post-blocked:

Knitty - Branching Out (Post-blocked)

The yarn does feel wonderful even though I’m a little sensitive to wool. The silk content probably helps some but there’s still a tiny hint of a prick for me.

Also, perhaps because it’s lace, it dried amazingly fast in our humid weather.

Knitty - Branching Out

This is definitely a pattern I will knit again. I think the scarf makes a great gift!

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19 thoughts on “Knitty – Branching Out Completed

  1. Your scarf turned out so lovely — the red is a wonderful, killer color. Excellent job.

  2. hi…Lis! im from malaysia. u are very creative on knitting & crochet. Amazingly we are sharing the same wordpress theme! feel free to visit my blog….its about beads, threads & ribbon embroidery

  3. This scarf is fantastic ! I want to kit it too, with a mohair yarn. I hope my result will be beautiful like yours !

    • Thanks! I haven’t been knitting that long either. Just started last year. Check out Ravelry if you aren’t already a member. It’s a wonderful resource community for knitters and crocheters. :)

  4. this is very very pretty.but can you tell me where i can get this pattern pleas
    think you.

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