Brown Sheep Cotton Yarn

The last of my orders from The Yarn and Fiber Company has finally arrived. So what did I order?

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (colour Candy Apple) x 3

Brown Sheet Cotton Fleece Candy Apple

Brown Sheep Cotton Fine (colour Candy Apple) x 6

Brown Sheep - Cotton Fine - Candy Apple

If you haven’t noticed by now, red is one of my favourite colours. I also ordered Cotton Fleece in Olivette which was intended for Juliet but unfortunately, the colour has been discontinued. I wonder if I can wing the pattern (the shorter version) with just 3 skeins of the yarn I have in Candy Apple if I do it without doubling the yarn. Sounds doubtful, eh? I don’t have any patterns in mind for the yarn anyway, or rather, I think I did but I’ve forgotten for which patterns. I really should make better use of my Ravelry account for keeping notes. But I think if I do decide to cast on for Juliet, there’ll be Maths involved. Eugh.

I’ll also like to start posting some yarn reviews and online yarn store reviews (from the perspective of an international customer). I think they’ll be useful?

Brown Sheep - Cotton Fine - Candy Apple

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3 thoughts on “Brown Sheep Cotton Yarn

    • I was thinking more of these reviews might be helpful to us international customers seeing as how most of the ones already out there were US-centric.

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