Although I haven’t been posting, I’ve been knitting. I’ve decided to throw all caution to the wind and cast on for Juliet even though there’s a real possibility of insufficient yarn. I’ve no intention of doubling the yarn and figured I might just (barely) make it since I’m also really petite.

And this pattern is kicking my ass. Big time.

I’ve been reading all the posts on Ravelry and the general consensus is that this pattern runs big. After looking at some of the other knitters’ measurements and the sizes they ended up knitting, I’m thinking XS is probably still going to be a little big on me. Plus I’m not doubling the yarn so there’s no way I can knit to gauge seeing as the resulting fabric will be less than ideal. So I had to do some Maths. This is also my first knit garment.

I ended up ripping the damn thing a gazillion times. You can even see the kinked yarn in the picture. As of today, I’m almost done with the bodice. Hopefully, I won’t have to do any ripping again.

Stay tuned.

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16 thoughts on “Juliet

    • Yeah, I moved to my own domain. I saw your Lelah. Gorgeous! It’s been on my queue for ages.

  1. good job with the knitting! can’t wait to see how it will turn out. i have 3 hanks of cotton fleece lying around destined to be rusted root. let’s see when i actually get started on that.

    oh, and do give me your review on the cotton fine and the shopping experience…i am thinking of using it for a project.

    kar’s last blog post..completely distracted

    • I was thinking if it turns out that my cotton fleece isn’t enough for Juliet, I’ll just use it for Rusted Root.

      I haven’t used the cotton fine though so can’t really do a review yet. Can’t decide what to do with it. The yarn is exactly the same as cotton fleece though thinner of course.

  2. Nice color, Lis! Be sure to post the FO first thing after you’ve completed it! Can’t wait to see =D

    As for the yarn that you asked about, it’s Rowan All Seasons Cotton… Color code I used was SH 235… But I think the elasticity of the cotton blend makes my shawl look wonky easily…

    rhinestic’s last blog post..Necklace and 1/2 a Shawl…

    • Oh hey, thanks for letting me know. I’ve always wondered about using cotton for shawls since I think cotton has a tendency to get all out of shape but wool seems too warm for our climate.

    • There’re lots of us young ones knitting out there. You just need to know where to look. :)

      Thanks for the link. I’m looking to start a blogroll for craft blogs on my blog. I’ll check out your blog.

  3. I know the feeling. Your pattern is obviously a lot more complicated than mine, however, I share the frustration of a good project gone bad. It looks like your are back on track and in a knitting frenzy. Wishing you much success on your project. If only,I could achieve a modicum of your success! :-)

    Great blog!

    Tabihats’s last blog post..Latte Neck Cozy Part 2 – Riddled With Frustration

    • The pattern is actually quite straightforward and simple. It’s just that I’m doing it in a different yarn weight plus the sizing seems to run big so I had issues with the fit. Thankfully, it seems to be all sorted now. :)

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