Autumn Monkey

When do you consider a project as fully completed? Immediately after the knitting’s done? Or when ends are woven in? How about when it’s blocked? For me, it’s all of the above plus when it’s been photographed. That’s when I consider the project as fully completed and I can change the project status on Ravelry from “In Progress” to “Completed”. So even though I’ve finished knitting and blocked my Monkey socks a week ago, I only consider it completed today after photographing it.

Knitty Monkey

Pattern: Monkey

Size: US Women 5

Yarn: Less than 2 x Knit Picks Memories in Redwood Forest

Needles: 2.00mm

Knitting Jaywalker has taught me that no matter how many knitters complain how tight the socks are, I shouldn’t pay too much attention because I’ve tiny feet and skinny ankles. Even though I used 2.00mm needles on that project, I still ended up with slouchy socks. Having learned my lesson, I tightened my tension a little for Monkey and they came out almost perfect. Why the “almost”? Well, I still have problems with my tension and my second sock ended up slightly smaller than the first. At least it isn’t glaringly obvious like the Jaywalker. Speaking of which, I probably should reknit my Jaywalker.

Knitty Monkey

The pattern was simply enough and I didn’t have any problems with it. I love the way the yarn knits up in this pattern. Looking at the bottom of the sock, I realised I would have hated it if the entire sock was knitted in stockinette because I’m not really crazy about the way the yarn pools. However, the lace portion breaks up the yarn variegation so there wasn’t any pooling. Oh! I really, really love the colours too! Autumn’s my favourite season and I simply love autumn colours.

Knitty Monkey

Although the yarn’s 100% merino wool, it still feels a teeny weeny bit itchy to me and isn’t as soft as Felici. Besides, in this humidity and warm weather, I could barely stand to wear the socks for more than 5 minutes while taking the pictures. It was so bloody hot!

Knitty Monkey

I really like the look of the little bumps on the reverse side of the heel flap. When I was knitting the second sock, I screwed up the bottom part of the cuff and only noticed it as I was getting ready to pick up stitches for the gusset. Thank goodness I’ve since gained a little confidence in my knitting to be able to pull out my needles and just rip out the heel instead of trying to unknit the whole flap. It would have taken forever to unknit!

Knitty Monkey

This is how much yarn I had left after knitting the first sock. The cake behind is a full skein. I probably have enough left over to knit a pair of footies or anklets. Also, although I super love the way yarn cakes look, I absolutely hate to wind yarn and yes, I do have a ball winder. I know many knitters love to do this, but to me it just eats into my knitting time! Plus, I really hate the way the yarn feels when it’s running through my fingers while tensioning it. To me, it’s akin to fingernails on blackboard. Blech. It’s too bad I vastly prefer centre-pull yarn cakes so I’ll have to endure the ball winding.

Right. Enough prattle for today.

Knitty Monkey

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  1. those look fantastic! I love the photos too, look so professional.

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