Knit Picks & eBay Will Bankrupt Me

Previously, every time I wanted to buy some Knit Picks yarn, I’ve always joined a spree. This time, I decided to do everything myself. Knit Picks doesn’t ship international so I had to use VPost (third party shipping service). From ordering to receipt of delivery, it took about 2 weeks. Not bad at all. However, the shipping fees aren’t exactly cheap so I’ll probably only do this when VPost has one of those $10 promotions.

I bought a little bit of everything from needles to books to yarn. I even bought a view sizer. I also bought some pocket pages for the new needles to put in my binder. Now, I don’t know if the ones sold separately are of a different quality from the ones that came in the options set but when I tried to use one of the newly purchased pages, the zip broke into pieces. Annoying.

Knit Picks Yarn

As for the yarn, I bought some Cotlin, Comfy, Gloss, Merino Style, Essential and Risata. At first glance, although the Essential and Felici appear to have the same yarn base, it’s not really the same. Felici uses finer Merino so it is softer. Kind of disappointing for me actually. Oh well.

Knit Picks Yarn

Of course, after I placed my order, I realised there’re still a couple things I’ve forgotten. Oh well, gotta wait till the next time I place a big order again which could be months from now.

Rowan All Seasons Cotton

Unfortunately, I’ve also discovered the joy of eBay yarn shopping. Very dangerous for my wallet. I ended up buying 40 balls of Rowan All Seasons Cotton. Yes, 40 balls.

Rowan All Seasons Cookie Rowan All Seasons Military

Individual yarn pictures will be up on my Ravelry stash page and Flickr.

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8 thoughts on “Knit Picks & eBay Will Bankrupt Me

    • Hehe yeah well, the VPost shipping base charge isn’t exactly cheap so I had to place a large order to justify it since I’m not doing sprees (excuses, excuses…). As for the Rowan yarn, well, the seller was selling them in bags of 10…

      I think I’ve enough yarn to last me for quite a while!

  1. Whoa, that’s quite a haul! KnitPicks definitely has some great yarn at good prices. I think you’ll really like knitting with Gloss.

    Oksanas last blog post..What Next?

  2. I was trying to decide on the Rowan all seasons cotton from ebay as well. Thanks for posting up pictures! 40 balls is quite tempting, I agree =) Both colors are lovely! Any idea what you’ll be making with them?

    • I have more than 40 balls of ASC actually *sheepish*. The yarn’s just so soft and comfortable! I’m probably going to use them for sweaters.

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