Juliet Update

As you can see, the knitting’s already done. In fact, it’s been done quite a while ago. I haven’t gotten round to putting on the buttons because I’m not sure I like how it looks on me. I did the longer version in the pattern and on hindsight, I think I prefer it shorter. Plus the lace portion flares out quite a bit so I’ll like to reknit it with a smaller needle.

The stitches under the armholes (where they are joined) are loose and loopy. Anyone has any idea how to improve this? If I’m ripping out the lace, I’ll probably rip to the armholes and certainly hope to make this look better. Also, the bind-off at the bottom certainly can be improved. Gaah.

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10 thoughts on “Juliet Update

    • I wish the weather here’s cool enough for me to wear this around the house!

  1. Your Juliet is gorgeous! I’m working on a Juliet too, in the same color! By how much does the garter section usually stretch? I followed the pattern for XS that said to continue for 3.5″ past armholes for the longer version. Does this make it stretch too much past the bust?

    I’m on the 2nd row of the lace section, but I think I will change to size 9 needles tonight to minimize flare. :-)

    Instead of 3 buttons, why don’t you thread a ribbon around the waist to cinch it in?

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    • I haven’t noticed any stretching but I haven’t been wearing it. Also, since mine’s knit single-stranded, the lace probably isn’t as heavy to drag the garter portion down.

      Candy Apple is a pretty colour, isn’t it? :)

  2. Your work is beautiful. The color will be great for the fall. Thanks for the tip about my adsense post. I responded to your comment on my blog. I also checked out some of your adsense links regarding crocheting and will be perusing for some new crochet patterns. Thanks for visiting.

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