Burgundy Breeze

This project has been hibernating for more than half a year since I first started it in October last year. I stopped mainly because I had 2 skeins of the yarn in the same dye lot which should give me a pair of normal length socks and I didn’t want to knit 2 pairs of ankle socks instead. So I frogged and bought another skein instead. Is this making sense?

Knitty Breeze

Pattern: Breeze

Size: Ladies Small (US Shoe Size 5/6) (see notes below)

Yarn: 1 x Knit Picks Risata in Burgundy

Needles: 2.00mm

I have skinny ankles so I had to go down in needle size to get the socks to fit snugly round my ankles. However, this meant my gauge changed totally so instead of knitting the size S, I ended up knitting size M to fit. Also, I have no idea why the pattern says to break yarn before starting on the heel flap. I didn’t do it, of course. Other than that, I didn’t change anything. Incidentally, it’s only when I’m writing this post that I noticed the Ravelry page for this pattern stated there’s errata which can be found here. Oh well.

I thought I’ll really like the yarn because it has cotton but it’s still a little prickly for me which is probably due to the wool.

I finished knitting the socks with less than 4 yards of the yarn left so I think those with bigger feet may require more than 1 skein if you intend to use Risata. I may also be talking out of my arse.

Look, Ma, no holes!

When I first knit the sock back in October, I had giant holes on both sides of the sock after picking up stitches for the gusset. I’ve finally eliminated the problem this time round by picking up the bar between the heel flap and the ribbing. Yes! I looove the look of the heel flap (please excuse my unmoisturised reptilian legs).

This is a fun and addictive pattern. I mean, you keep telling yourself “hmm, I’ll stop after the next round” just to see the lace pattern forming and before you know it, you’ve finished the sock.

And yes, I’m aware I knit too much red stuff.

Knitty Breeze

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