Bloody Bobbles

I’ve been dying to start on a crochet project for quite a while (last crochet project was the Lace Skirt a gazillion years ago!). I had my heart set on the Butterscotch Cardigan from Interweave Crochet Spring 2008 but I can’t quite seem to decide on a yarn. I tried swatching with Brown Sheep Cotton Fine but I couldn’t get gauge (note: gauge listed in the magazine was wrong). Since the cardigan’s worked side to side, I assume the row gauge is vital and I’m having trouble with that. I don’t really want to use any of the wool sock yarn since I don’t really wear wool. I contemplated Knit Picks Risata which I used for Breeze but it’s still too prickly to me.

Ocean Pearls Cardigan

While continuing my search for the perfect yarn for the Butterscotch, I decided I’ll also like to crochet the other cardigan by the same designer – Ocean Pearls Cardigan. Now, I already have 4 balls of the GGH Mystik used in the pattern so I decided to try my luck and see if I can get more in the same dye lot. Well, the online store I bought it from was out of stock. Then I saw that Stitchywitch is crocheting the same cardigan in Garnstudio Cotton Viscose which looks like it’ll be a perfect substitution.

The yarn’s super pretty, super shiny and perfectly cool for the humid weather here but it is also ohmyfreakingod super duper splitty.

Now, what the pattern didn’t tell you was this: Super Splitty Yarn + Crochet Bobbles = Nightmare

Seriously, I’m getting so frustrated doing the damn bobbles. There were bobbles that took 15 minutes to crochet.

15 minutes. 1 bobble.

And the whole cardigan is full of these blasted bobbles. At this rate, I’ll be looking forward to wearing this when I hit 80 years old, provided I don’t keel over and die from crochet frustration first. Now, that’s a cheerful thought.

Ocean Pearls Cardigan

To add insult to injury, my bobbles look like crap. It looks nothing like the neat little cardigan in the pattern. I don’t know if blocking is going to fix this. I think I should block what I have now and see if I want to continue. Alternative will be to replace the bobbles with something else. I don’t really want to crochet an entire cardigan just in double crochet stitches.

Oh hey, at least I’m not using red yarn.

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4 thoughts on “Bloody Bobbles

  1. I think your work is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the color of the yarn… it looks so WARM!

    I know your frustration… I started knitting a scarf that instead will become a very ugly washcloth b/c I know I’ll never finish it. Good grief! Isn’t knitting/crocheting suppose to be relaxing????

    Renee :)

    Ragtrees last blog post..Step Two: Art Doll in Progress

    • Thanks! It’s a sort of rust colour and it’s really gorgeous.

      I can’t even turn this into a wash cloth. It’s not the right yarn. :/

  2. Oh my … the yarn looks gorgeous! To bad it splits on you. If I were you, I’d stop this project (but it does look great in the photos) and use this yarn for some other project. Of course, you probably already made your decision since this post is from a couple of weeks ago.

    But man, that is pretty yarn!


    Hilarys last blog post..Case of the Yucks?

    • The yarn is gorgeous and feels so cool and soft – perfect for our humid climate.

      I haven’t actually make a decision but I’ll probably give it another try since the cardigan’s pretty cute. :/

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