Butterscotch Cardigan

I bought some cute buttons the other day and thought they’ll be perfect for the Butterscotch Cardigan.

Butterscotch Cardigan

FINALLY a crochet project that’s coming along nicely. I’ve completed the back and am working on the right front piece.

Butterscotch Cardigan

I’m trying to find more information on seaming crochet garment pieces. Anyone has any experience in this area and will like to offer some tips?

Butterscotch Cardigan

PS: Sorry about the craptastic pictures. Can’t seem to take any decent ones today.

PPS: I promise that the next project after this will not be a red one.

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13 thoughts on “Butterscotch Cardigan

    • Thanks! It’s been pouring these few days so pictures have been looking kind of dark and dreary.

  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous cardigan. My mom is a crocheter, but she never made anything but afghans. I didn’t know crochet could be so beautiful. :-)

  2. I love your choice of color for the cardigan. To sew two pieces togther I usually use the slip stitch or a sigle crochet row, depending on what I’m doing. I’d be happy to help you, if I can, just email me with specifics and I can help further.

    Lovely work!

    Sedies last blog post..FO’s

    • Oh dear, did this show up on your reader? I just moved the blog over from an old domain and things are still a bit wonky. Old posts will probably show up on the feed.

  3. Hi, just passing by your blog when searching for corrections on the Butterscotch Cardigan pattern – comforting to know I wasn’t loosing my mind about the gauge. What did you end up using? I’m down to a USC2 (2.75mm) and it still works out to more than 4″.

    BTW, love your photos.

    • I used 3.75mm but my swatch lied and my cardigan turned out too small.

      Are you having problems with row or stitch gauge? If I remember correctly (it’s been a while!) I think for this pattern, row gauge is more important since it’s worked sideways. You can work less stitches to shorten the cardi if your stitch gauge is more than 4″.

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