Ravelympics Red Rusted Root

I did it! This is my Ravelympics project for Team Rubberneckers.

Pattern: Rusted Root

Size: XS (28″ – 32″)

Yarn: 4 x Knit Picks Cotlin in Moroccan Red

Needles: 4.5mm for body, 4mm for ribbing


1) Added hip increases.
2) Picked up additional 6 stitches on each sleeve to close the underarm gap, knit 2 rounds of stockinette before starting on ribbing.
3) Used EZ sewn bind-off on all the ribbing.

Pattern Comments:
Pattern was relatively simple and straightforward.


No schematics. Theoretically speaking, I usually zoom in on the smallest size but I like to see the bust, waist and hip measurements and there were none in this pattern. I know this is a top down pattern and it’s easy to adjust as you knit but I’ll still like to see some schematics.

Pattern could also do with more stitch counts especially after the increase/decrease sections. I ended up doing my own calculations to make sure I was on the right track.

No chart for lace panel, plus sl1-k1-psso (skp) was written as sl1, k1, psso which confused me for a bit because it looked like 3 separate steps.

The pattern asked for 24″ circular needles. What the pattern didn’t state was that the neckline, when joined in the round, was less than 24″ so you could either stretch the crap out of the stitches or magic loop it. I ended up stretching the crap out of the stitches.

Zephyr Style Rusted Root

Yarn Comments:
When knitting with the Cotlin, the yarn fuzz was incredible. By incredible, I meant in a “some gigantic red animal just shed a shit load of fur in my room” kind of way. My nose wouldn’t stop twitching. Washing did remove most of it but I suspect it’ll take a few washes before it’s completely gone.

Also, I do not like Cotlin knit at this gauge (20 st st/4″). If I do this pattern again in the same yarn, I’ll go for a smaller gauge and knit a bigger size.

Zephyr Style Rusted Root

On the whole, it’s a cute top but I’m not sure I like it on me. My mum wants one though.

Edit: 2008 is turned into the Year of the Red!

Edit Strikes Back: Woohoo my Ravelympics medal!

Ravthlete Ravelympics 2008 Sweater Sprint

Ravelympics 2008 Team Rubberneckers Gold Medal

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9 thoughts on “Ravelympics Red Rusted Root

    • My family is just amazed that I can sit still long enough to knit an entire garment.

  1. Wow!!! I just love that shirt of yours! I love the color, the style, and just about everything about it. The sleeves are perfect, I love those baby short sleeves, they are just my style. Nice work!

    Stephanies last blog post..Is Jeans Fashionable?

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