Turquoise Cardigan

I had already finished the body and had started on the sleeves when I realised I had totally messed up the bottom of the body. I think I missed a row and switched the RS and WS so the border looked kind of funky. Gonna rip back and may add another inch or two at the same time.

I’m doing the sleeves on 2 circulars. I tried it previously when I was learning the Turkish cast-on and was delighted to find that I had barely no ladders when I used 2 circulars. I’m fine with slight laddering when knitting socks on DPNs but I had some fairly obvious ones when I was knitting the sleeves on my Gathered Cardi (not too obvious in the picture, I think) and that kind of suck some mighty bollocks.  Although I do find using 2 circulars kind of fiddly, I’m hoping it will eliminate the ladders on this cardigan. I should probably also learn magic loop so I don’t have to have doubles of every needle size.

Happy 2009 ahead, everyone. Here’s to a more knitty and crochety (not crotchety!) new year!

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