Little Button Loafers

Presenting my first FO of 2009! A cute crocheted FO!

My friend is due very, very soon and I wanted to make something for her baby boy. Initially, I wanted to make the Pea Pod Baby Set but I was afraid the lace may be a bit too girly. Then I decided on a set of Offset Wraplan and Saartje’s Bootees. I had already cast on on the wraplan when I came across the Little Button Loafers. They were just so freakin’ adorable I decided to make this instead.

Little Button Loafers

Pattern: Little Button Loafers (pattern is available for purchase from Sylver Designs)

Size: 1 (3 months) (3.75″L by 2″W)

Yarn: 0.5 x Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Cookie and a little bit of Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Military

Hook: 3.5m

Pattern Comments
The pattern is quite clear and well written. However, I was a little confused with the last part of the sole mostly because the stitch count listed after the invisible join was xx sl st. The stitches worked just before the join were sc so that threw me off. I don’t think we’re supposed to do a round of slip stitches after the join so I left it at that.

Little Button Loafers

My shoes actually ended up being almost 4″ in length. It’s better to be too big rather than too small for baby stuff, right?

The yarn amounts used are just estimates since I don’t have a scale or anything to measure. It’s certainly a great pattern for using up the leftovers.

Little Button Loafers

My project on Ravelry

Edit: If you would like a pair for your wee one but can’t crochet, I can do a custom order. Please convo me on Etsy.

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15 thoughts on “Little Button Loafers

  1. Lis, those tiny little loafers are too cute! You do very nice even work. I’m sure your friend’s baby will be look sharp in those!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


    • Thanks! I really hope my friend likes them. This is my first time giving someone a handmade crocheted item so I’m a bit nervous about it.

  2. Wow – they look beautiful!
    They have apparently been attracting me some extra business, so I thank you very much :)

    I corrected that part of the pattern that confused you (you were correct that it wasn’t supposed to say “sl sts”). You can email me if you’d like a corrected copy.

    Thanks again :)


  3. I am confused with rnd 5 of the body (sc8, sc10, hdc9). Could you clarify this for me. I am working the size 0.

    Thank you

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