Rubberswap Package

It was most unfortunate that in my virgin swap, my swapper went MIA. BUT! Thanks to the generosity of other rubberhoars, I got a swap package.

Rubberswap Package Postage

The package was sent priority and postage was clearly insane.

Rubberswap Package

The package smelled wonderful as I opened it. As you can see, everything was beautifully wrapped. I almost didn’t have the heart to unwrap the individual packages but I soon got over it. :P

Rubberswap Package

All the goodies unwrapped! Now let’s take a closer look…

Rubberswap Package Card

In the envelope was a cute little knitty card from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Rubberswap Package Candles

I soon found the source of the wonderful smell. It was coming from these delicious-smelling candles.

Rubberswap Package Noms

The noms! The noms! The only thing stopping me from tearing into the packet of Reese’s right away was a huge lunch I just had. Oh what the hell, I lied. I opened it but they were a little melty from all the travelling so I popped them in the fridge after their glamourous photo shoot. There was also a box of chocolates and a box of tea. Mmmmm.

Rubberswap Package DIY Dye Kit

I must confess I was a little confused when I saw the egg decorating kit but put it together with the Knit Picks bare yarn and it turned out to be a little DIY yarn dye kit. Awesomesauce.

Rubberswap Package Yarn

Then there’s the yarn… From left to right: 2 x Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino, Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham and Artyarns Cashmere 1. They are all soooooo gorgeous and pettable. I’ve never even touched baby alpaca or 100% cashmere yarn before! Love!

Rubberswap Package Card

Last but not least, thank you to these wonderful hoars for putting together my package. Bewbie flash for you! (.Y.)

Edit: I know I said I’m moving the blog. I still am but I’ve been kind of busy so it’ll probably happen a couple weeks from now.

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3 thoughts on “Rubberswap Package

  1. OMG, that’s an awesome package – those RR hoars took good care of you, for sure! ENJOY the Reese’s, they are one of my all time faves! :D

    • Yes, they really did! I love Reese’s! I’m savouring each one slowly to make them last.

  2. I’m sorry your first partner went MIA, but it looks like you lucked out anyway. The yarn is gorgeous.

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