Brand New Home

Yet another new home for the blog! I doubt I’ll be moving again anytime soon. The new URL is and the RSS feed is Please update your bookmarks and feed readers.

Some things on the blog may still be broken so please let me know if you find any. This blog is still very much a work-in-progress so please bear with it more for the next few weeks. You may also see old posts pop up in your feed, sorry about that. You can opt to ignore updated items if your feed reader has that function.

On to the knitting! I got my copy of Breeze last week and I loooove it. I think it’s much, much better than Nectar. Certainly a lot more patterns I want to knit.

I’ve been eyeing Blithe even before Breeze came out so when I received the book, I cast on right away! So far, I’m really enjoying knitting with skinny cotton on teeny needles.

My Project on Ravelry

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One thought on “Brand New Home

  1. My Bloglines automatically followed you over here. I like the clean and simple layout of your blog.

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