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I spend a lot of time on Ravelry and most of it is with the Rubberneckers. They’re a hilarious bunch of hoars. I knit three hats for Sharky’s charity knitting thingy on RnR and I apologise for being two seasons late.

I don’t have a small child to pose with the knits so my lamp will have to do. She has ambitions of catwalk modelling so I’m sure she’s secretly pleased at this opportunity.

Rachel Lacy Rib Hat

Rachel Lacy Rib Hat

Pattern: Rachel Lacy Rib Hat

Size: Smaller one (CO 80)

Yarn: Slightly less than 1 x Spotlight Basics Delight

Needles: 4mm

This is my first time doing a picot edging and although it’s pretty, it’s a bloody pain in the arse.

I believe there’s an error in the crown decreases in the pattern. This is what I did:

Row 3: *skp, k1,p, k2tog, yo, p repeat from * to end

There is also no stitch count for the crown decreases for the smaller size so I’ve provided them here:

Row 1: … (63 st)
Row 3: … (54 st)
Row 5: … (36 st)
Row 7: … (18 st)
Row 9: … (9 st)

Child’s Self-striping Hat

Child's Self-striping Hat

Pattern: Child’s Self-striping Hat

Size: CO 104

Yarn: Not very sure but I think it’s less than half x Lion Brand Magic Stripes

Needles: 4mm

Easy and straightforward pattern. Plus, designer included different cast-on numbers for different gauges.



Pattern: Who?

Size: Infant

Yarn: 1 x Spotlight Basics Delight

Needles: 4mm

This is my favourite hat pattern out of the three. The owls are adorable! I need to make one for myself!

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2 thoughts on “Hats, Hats & More Hats

  1. I think they look absolutely cute!!! And your lamp is doing a great job showing them off! XD

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