One Row Handspun Scarf

I started this scarf for the charity knitting thread in Rubberneckers. The 4-stitch pattern’s perfect for mindless commute knitting. I can just put it down and pick it up again any time with no fear of losing my place in the pattern.

Pattern: One Row Handspun Scarf

Size: ~ 60″ x 6″

Yarn: 1 x Spotlight Basics 8 Ply Acrylic

Needle: 4.0mm

I cast on 34 stitches and just knit till the yarn ran out. I slipped the first stitch of every row purlwise with yarn in back for a neat edge.

Black yarn is a bitch to photograph!

My project on Ravelry

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5 thoughts on “One Row Handspun Scarf

    • Yes, yes they are. I usually reserve such patterns for my commutes since I’m likely to lose my place in the pattern if I try something complicated.

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