First FO of 2010 and first FO for IntSweMoDo2010!

Pattern: Buttercup

Size: XS

Yarn: 4.5 x Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in Green Sage (021)

Needle: 3.5mm

Modifications: I’m short so I didn’t knit to 38cm for the body; I stopped at about 33cm.

This one isn’t really a modification but I didn’t cast on separately with new yarn for joining in the round. What I did: after knitting to 4th marker and purling to end, turn work around (wrong side facing) and cast on using cable cast-on. Turn work around (right side facing) and purl to Marker A. Begin knitting in rounds.

Picked up total of 8 underarm stitches instead of 4 and decreased to 4 on next round to eliminate holes. Unfortunately, there were still holes and I had to sew them up after finishing.

After picking up for neck edging, I attached edging to lace panel as I knitted by doing a k2tog with last stitch from edging and one stitch from lace panel cast-on edge. Anything to lessen the amount of sewing needed…


I love the fit of the top but I’m not crazy about the sleeves. I think due to my narrow shoulders, the sleeves seem somewhat droopy.

The pattern is clear and well-written.

Hempathy wasn’t easy to work with but the fabric had a nice drape and was soft and cool after a wash. Perfect for the tropical weather. However, the ends kept sticking out through the front. I think I’ll tack them down with some needle and thread.

God, I need a haircut.

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