Amigurumi Batman

March 20, 2013 by Lis  
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Phew! The dust is thick on this blog! Haven’t had much time for crafts these few years due to a soul sucking job and life. Now that I’ve a bit of a breather, I’m trying to get caught up in my crafting!

I made this batman as a gift for a huge batman fan and it’s a hit. This was my first attempt at amigurumi. It’s so super cute I want one for myself too!

Pattern: Amigurumi Batman

Size: About 6″ (including bat ears)

Yarn: Daiso Antibacterial Acrylic in Black, Yellow, White, Gray (less than 1 skein each)

Hook: 3.5mm

Pattern is clear and easy (with stitch counts!) even for an amigurumi noob like me. You’ll need to know how to do a magic ring. The bobble stitch is also a pain but just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

Doesn’t batman look completely uhm… menacing? ;)


My project on Ravelry

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