First Stitch Marker

I’m home today because I somehow managed to strain my neck muscles. Hurts to turn my head. Anyhow, I decided to try my hand at making stitch markers. I’ve never made any before but had bought a pliers set and some bits and pieces a few months ago so I thought I’ll give it a […]


I recently popped my swap cherry and joined the swap in Ravelry Rubberneckers. I just finished packing the box and it will be mailed tomorrow. There’re all sorts of goodies like baby-melting ackrylic yarn, fishy noms and Christmas leftovers. All are seconds, only the box is new. Hope you like the package, hoar.

More Little Button Loafers

My mum loved my previous little button loafers so much she kept bugging me to make a pair for her friend who just had a baby couple weeks ago. I only had two buttons left so I made the one button strap version. Pattern: Little Button Loafers (pattern is available for purchase from Sylver Designs) […]

Little Button Loafers

Presenting my first FO of 2009! A cute crocheted FO! My friend is due very, very soon and I wanted to make something for her baby boy. Initially, I wanted to make the Pea Pod Baby Set but I was afraid the lace may be a bit too girly. Then I decided on a set […]

Turquoise Cardigan

I had already finished the body and had started on the sleeves when I realised I had totally messed up the bottom of the body. I think I missed a row and switched the RS and WS so the border looked kind of funky. Gonna rip back and may add another inch or two at […]

The End is Near

Just need to tack the cuffs down and I’m done! Everyone enjoying the holiday season? The cool weather has made me want to knit more cardigans and so I’ve started on the Short-Sleeved Cardigan with Ribbing from Fitted Knits. Mine’s going to have long sleeves instead. My Projects on Ravelry Gathered Cardi Short-Sleeved Cardigan with […]

Cookie Cardigan Redux

I frogged my Cookie Cardigan (Liesl) and used the yarn for another cardigan pattern instead. The funny thing was I initially bought a bamboo/cotton blend for this pattern but the yarn turned out to be too drapey. I decided to switch yarn and will be using the bamboo/cotton blend for Liesl instead. The drapeyness will […]

Projects in Progress

I haven’t had much time for knitting lately. After concentrating on my Butterscotch Cardigan last month, I decided it’s time to start a new knitting project (even though I still have some unfinished ones lying around!). I chose a simple top down pattern – Sassymetrical – this time round. I know it looks like a […]

Butterscotch Cardigan

I bought some cute buttons the other day and thought they’ll be perfect for the Butterscotch Cardigan. FINALLY a crochet project that’s coming along nicely. I’ve completed the back and am working on the right front piece. I’m trying to find more information on seaming crochet garment pieces. Anyone has any experience in this area […]