Palindrome Scarf Update

Previously, I started the Palindrome scarf with Knit Picks‘ Shine Worsted. I’ve since changed my mind and plan to use the Shine Worsted for another project. I was still keen on knitting the scarf so I used the Spotlight Basics Delight yarn I had lying around since I still had 4 balls of it. So […]


Lis + Hurt Hand = No Knitting/Crocheting I haven’t been able to knit or crochet the past couple of days because I hurt my left hand over the weekend. I don’t know how it happened but I’ve been told by the doctor not to strain the hand any further. It hurts lots when I try […]

Branching Out Scarf

I’ve started yet another knit project! This time, it’s Knitty‘s Branching Out in Knit Picks‘ Merino Style in Frost. I’ve only done 3 repeats so far and I love the pattern so, so much. If this is what lace knitting is like, I can add yet another addiction to my list. The scarf definitely needs […]

Palindrome Scarf

After frogging the short-lived Sweet Pea Shawl, I stuffed the yarn into a basket and left it there to languish forgotten. Well, not for long anyway. I took it out to start on the Irish Hiking Scarf and realised that the yarn was in one big tangled mess. I spent half a day untangling it […]

Silver’s Sock Class

I started on my first pair of socks using Silver’s Sock Class tutorial and have since completed my first sock! The tutorial was extremely well written and easy to follow so I had no problems at all. I did have a couple mistakes here and there but nothing too obvious. I used 3.25mm DPNs but […]

SnB: One Skein Scarf

I crocheted this while watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Special Edition) (think anyone will give me a shrubbery for my birthday?). As much as I love how crocheted shells look, I can never get mine to look right. The first stitch of the shell always looks awful. But I think this scarf looks […]

Shopping Loot

Spotlight‘s having a sale so I popped by to take a look. I spotted Lion Brand’s Magic Stripes going for S$6.99 a ball (originally priced at S$17 or S$18, I think) and I bought 3 balls. I don’t have a single knitted FO and I’m actually going to try knitting socks. I’m so brave! I […]

SnB: Violet Beauregard Update

I thought I’ll do a little update on the Violet Beauregard I started two weeks ago. I’ve actually completed the first colour change for the scalloped border but as I’ve mentioned in my failed Sweet Pea Shawl post, I suck at crocheting shells so I frogged the border and tried again. I tightened my tension […]

SnB: Sweet Pea Shawl

I got tired of working on my Violet Beauregard so I started on the Sweet Pea Shawl which was also from Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. I frogged it after completing only the first row of shells because I hated how the shells looked. They were really loose and loopy. I don’t think […]

Maple Leaf vs. Frost

I’m in a dilemma. I want to start crocheting the one skein scarf from Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker but I can’t decide which colour should I make it in. The yarn is Knit Picks‘s Merino Style which I’ve been told is really soft. It does feel pretty squishy. So I appeal to […]