Random Acts of Kindness – Holidays in July

How lucky am I to get another RAoK package? This time it’s from a pair of cute furry elves in NJ. A pair of lovely rattan handles (perfect for another fat bottom bag!), stitch markers and some gorgeous crocheted goodies. The photo of the elves in their holiday finery made me laugh. Thank you, adorable […]

SnB: Fit to be Tied

Finally! Another FO! I actually finished the crocheting part last week and decided to wash and block it slightly on Sunday. Well, it’s still not completely dry today but I didn’t want to wait any longer so I sewed in the lining. For those living in wool country, does your woolly stuff take so long […]

SnB: Violet Beauregard

I’m beginning to recall what I bought all those Knit Picks yarn for. One of the projects I had in mind was Happy Hooker’s Violet Beauregard skirt. I had some trouble with the first increase round. Basically, I’m pattern-challenged and had an extra dc in my row and couldn’t figure out why. Thank goodness the […]

No Longer a Knit Picks Virgin

That’s right. I’ve popped my Knit Picks cherry. I participated in my first Knit Picks yarn spree organised by Lois and spent enough to bust more than a month’s worth of yarn budget (I’ve a teeny weeny budget). Now that I’m holding the yarn in my hands, I can finally understand what all the fuss […]

Random Acts of Kindness – Holidays in July

One of my favourite forums, Crochetville, started Random Acts of Kindness where forum users can post a wish list of 10 items which other forum users can grant out of the kindness of their hearts. There’s a special RAOK just for the month of July known as Holidays in July. I’ve been fortunate enough to […]

Shimmer Chevron Scarf

The Shimmer Chevron Scarf was the very first project I started when I first picked up knitting. Ha! That sounded like something that happened when dinosaurs roamed the earth but was actually just a couple weeks back. Having a short attention span meant that I got bored after… OOH SHINY! Sorry, where was I? Oh […]

SnB: Cricket’s Technicolor Techno-Cozy

Since I’m such a big fan of Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker, I went ahead to buy Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook as well. I was already working on my first project, a scarf (another post for another time), at this time but I got bored after 10 inches. Yeah, I’ve the […]

Yarn and Needles

Now that I’m such an accomplished crocheter (I made a bag!), it’s time to work on my knitting. I found out that the secret to not getting stabbed in the tummy by those long, straight knitting needles was to knit with circular needles instead. I had read on one of the websites that it’s possible […]

Happy Hooker’s Fat Bottom Bag

I bought Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker because I was seeing all these gorgeous fat bottom bags on the forums and blogs and I just had to make one for myself. Now, I’ve been seeing all these gorgeous stuff crocheted from Sugar ‘N Cream cotton yarn and thought that would be […]