2010 Resolutions

1. Peasy 2. Liesl 3. Coraline 4. Margot 5. Estelle 6. Tea Leaves Cardigan 7. Featherweight Cardigan 8. Lightweight Pullover 9. Summer Petals Cardigan 10. Honeybee Cardigan 11. Myrtle Cardigan 12. Hope New year, new beginning, new resolutions. This year, I’ve decided to join the IntSweMoDo 2010 challenge (formerly known as NaKniSweMoDo). The goal is […]

2009 Review

I doubt I can finish another project by the last day of the year, which is tomorrow, so I’m going to do my review now. At the beginning of the year, I told myself I’ll try to complete at least one project a month, and I did i.e. I finished more than 12 projects. I […]

New Home

You’ve found your way here! I’ve shortened the blog name to Lis Crafts and the address is now http://liscrafts.com. The new feed address is http://feeds.feedburner.com/LisCrafts. Please update your bookmarks! I’m still working on the blog so there may some broken link. If something doesn’t work, please let me know. This blog works fine in my […]

Happy Holidays!

Merry christmas to those who celebrate it and happy holidays to the rest! Hope all of you haven’t been too burnt out crafting your holiday gifts to enjoy the season! Please follow and like us:

New Look

I changed this blog’s and my personal blog’s, About Every Little Thing, layouts to the same one. I’ve always preferred the 3-column look so when I found a nice-looking Blogger template, I went ahead with it . Man, I spent the whole of yesterday tweaking both blogs seeing how I had to redo all the […]

8 Things About Me

I haven’t posted anything for more than 2 weeks because I don’t have my camera with me, so here’s a “8 things about me” meme that Selena tagged me with. I’ve previously done a similar meme (Stranger than Fiction) on my blog About Every Little Thing so I’ll make this one craft-related. Before I continue, […]


Lis + Hurt Hand = No Knitting/Crocheting I haven’t been able to knit or crochet the past couple of days because I hurt my left hand over the weekend. I don’t know how it happened but I’ve been told by the doctor not to strain the hand any further. It hurts lots when I try […]

Crafting History

Let me tell you a little about my crafting history. Long, long time ago in a southern province in China, there lived a 40 year-old bloke named Bob. One day, he decided to have some fried noodles for lunch. Well, he wasn’t very hungry so he started using his chopsticks to play with his food. […]

Obligatory Introductory Post

After writing Knitting vs. Crocheting, I thought to myself that it’s quite obvious what the solution to world peace is. Nope, it’s not more beauty pageants. The solution is… *drum roll*… more crafting blogs! So being a concerned citizen of the world, I decided to make my contribution to world peace by setting up yet […]