Stash Enhancement

2 days ago, I paid a visit to a local yarn distributor and sustained damage amounting to 12 balls of Olympus cotton novia. I’ve no idea what I’m going to knit or crochet with them.   Brand: Olympus Yarn: Cotton Novia Weight: 40g Yardage: 105m Fibers: 100% cotton Needle size: 5-6 (Japanese) Gauge: 22-24 stitches […]

SnB: Fit to be Tied

Finally! Another FO! I actually finished the crocheting part last week and decided to wash and block it slightly on Sunday. Well, it’s still not completely dry today but I didn’t want to wait any longer so I sewed in the lining. For those living in wool country, does your woolly stuff take so long […]

No Longer a Knit Picks Virgin

That’s right. I’ve popped my Knit Picks cherry. I participated in my first Knit Picks yarn spree organised by Lois and spent enough to bust more than a month’s worth of yarn budget (I’ve a teeny weeny budget). Now that I’m holding the yarn in my hands, I can finally understand what all the fuss […]