Burgundy Breeze

This project has been hibernating for more than half a year since I first started it in October last year. I stopped mainly because I had 2 skeins of the yarn in the same dye lot which should give me a pair of normal length socks and I didn’t want to knit 2 pairs of […]

Autumn Monkey

When do you consider a project as fully completed? Immediately after the knitting’s done? Or when ends are woven in? How about when it’s blocked? For me, it’s all of the above plus when it’s been photographed. That’s when I consider the project as fully completed and I can change the project status on Ravelry […]

Monkey See, Monkey Do

I’m almost done with Juliet. It’s soaking in a basin sans buttons as we speak. After knitting something so big (to me), I need to knit something small and a little more complicated. Clearly, the answer is socks and socks it is! I cast on for Monkey last night and am loving the way Knit […]

Magknits – Jaywalker

I was determined to have at least one knit FO in 2007 and… I did! I finished my Jaywalker last week! Yay me! Pattern: Jaywalker Yarn: 2 x Knit Picks‘ Felici in Hummingbird (I think I might have enough left over for a pair of footies!) Needles: 2.00mm (Knit Picks Nickel Plated DPN Set)   […]

Knitty – Breeze Socks

I started on Knitty‘s Breeze some time ago with Knit Picks‘ Risata. The pattern is simple enough (minus a few mistakes on my end due to exciting Law & Order: SVU episodes) and I’m almost done with one sock (left with grafting the toes). However, when I tried on the sock, it’s a little too […]

Silver’s Sock Class

I started on my first pair of socks using Silver’s Sock Class tutorial and have since completed my first sock! The tutorial was extremely well written and easy to follow so I had no problems at all. I did have a couple mistakes here and there but nothing too obvious. I used 3.25mm DPNs but […]