Palindrome Scarf Update

Previously, I started the Palindrome scarf with Knit Picks‘ Shine Worsted. I’ve since changed my mind and plan to use the Shine Worsted for another project. I was still keen on knitting the scarf so I used the Spotlight Basics Delight yarn I had lying around since I still had 4 balls of it. So […]

Palindrome Scarf

After frogging the short-lived Sweet Pea Shawl, I stuffed the yarn into a basket and left it there to languish forgotten. Well, not for long anyway. I took it out to start on the Irish Hiking Scarf and realised that the yarn was in one big tangled mess. I spent half a day untangling it […]

Silver’s Sock Class

I started on my first pair of socks using Silver’s Sock Class tutorial and have since completed my first sock! The tutorial was extremely well written and easy to follow so I had no problems at all. I did have a couple mistakes here and there but nothing too obvious. I used 3.25mm DPNs but […]