Malabrigo Cherry

I’ve finally popped my Malabrigo cherry. Yea, I know it’s not the wildly popular Merino Worsted (which I’m dyyyyingggg to try) but it’s still Malabrigo, so it still counts, right? Goodness, the colours are freakin’ awesome. The yarn feels soft and smooshy in the hank but I’ll only really know if I truly love it […]

Knit Picks & eBay Will Bankrupt Me

Previously, every time I wanted to buy some Knit Picks yarn, I’ve always joined a spree. This time, I decided to do everything myself. Knit Picks doesn’t ship international so I had to use VPost (third party shipping service). From ordering to receipt of delivery, it took about 2 weeks. Not bad at all. However, […]

Neutral Yarn

I doubt every knitter/crocheter out there post about their every yarn purchase but since I’m already taking all these pictures to update in Ravelry, I might as well make a post. Plus, I like seeing all the pictures in one post. After all the reds I’ve been using for my projects recently, I decided to […]

More Yarn

Wow! I haven’t posted in over a month! I dropped in at Spotlight yesterday and did some yarn shopping. I haven’t bought any yarn there for a looong time because it seems that besides wool, all they stock are synthetic fibres i.e. acrylics, polyesters, acrylics, nylons, acrylics etc. I prefer natural fibres because of breathability […]

Brown Sheep Cotton Yarn

The last of my orders from The Yarn and Fiber Company has finally arrived. So what did I order? Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (colour Candy Apple) x 3 Brown Sheep Cotton Fine (colour Candy Apple) x 6 If you haven’t noticed by now, red is one of my favourite colours. I also ordered Cotton Fleece […]

Tweed Yarn

I grabbed the chance to enhance my stash when Lois decided to destash (she still has some lovely Malabrigo Baby Merino Lace for those interested). Strictly speaking, I’m not a fan of pastel colours (prefer deep reds, olive greens and generally autumn colours) but I really wanted to try the yarn, especially the silky tweed. […]

Lis Buys More Yarn

I placed 3 orders with The Yarn and Fiber Company, one in October, one in November and one last week. The order from last week has arrived but the other 2 orders are still on back order. Prior to these purchases, I’ve never bought anything on back order before so I’ve no idea how long […]

Stash Enhancement

2 days ago, I paid a visit to a local yarn distributor and sustained damage amounting to 12 balls of Olympus cotton novia. I’ve no idea what I’m going to knit or crochet with them.   Brand: Olympus Yarn: Cotton Novia Weight: 40g Yardage: 105m Fibers: 100% cotton Needle size: 5-6 (Japanese) Gauge: 22-24 stitches […]

Shopping Loot

Spotlight‘s having a sale so I popped by to take a look. I spotted Lion Brand’s Magic Stripes going for S$6.99 a ball (originally priced at S$17 or S$18, I think) and I bought 3 balls. I don’t have a single knitted FO and I’m actually going to try knitting socks. I’m so brave! I […]

No Longer a Knit Picks Virgin

That’s right. I’ve popped my Knit Picks cherry. I participated in my first Knit Picks yarn spree organised by Lois and spent enough to bust more than a month’s worth of yarn budget (I’ve a teeny weeny budget). Now that I’m holding the yarn in my hands, I can finally understand what all the fuss […]